Duration Of Power Cuts Among Lowest In Maharashtra Towns

Duration Of Power Cuts Among Lowest In Maharashtra Towns

Towns in Maharashtra had among the lowest average duration of power cuts in October, shows data from the Urban Jyoti Abhiyaan (URJA) website. The website ranks all states on different power consumption parameters based on data from urban IT-enabled towns.

According to the data, Maharashtra towns experienced power cuts of around 2:39 hours in October, the latest month for which data has been published. Only Sikkim (14 minutes), Madhya Pradesh (2:02 hours) and Gujarat (2:20 hours) were better. The all-India average was 8.13 hours in October.

Maharashtra also had fewer power cuts — about 2.5 times per month compared to an all-India average of 13.19 times. Only Himachal Pradesh (1.61 times) and Kerala (2.22 times) were better. The state, however, ranked a little lower when it came to the percentage of consumers making e-payment of dues. Only 17.06 per cent of urban Maharashtra electricity consumers used online payments compared to 32.51 per cent in Telengana, the highest. It was just about similar to the all-India average of 16.6 per cent. Read More…

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