E-Mobility: The emerging positive

E-Mobility: The emerging positive

Believed to save fuel (Petrol and Diesel) consumption, E-Mobility will reduce the pollution drastically. Industry stalwarts agree that it will be a great step taken by Government of India to combat the alarming pollution levels here.

SBD Green Energy and Infra India Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon, a company working on research, innovation and futuristic solutions is working in the field of EV charging. The company is customizing the product keeping the Indian Market into consideration. These chargers will be designed and developed for every Indian, irrespective of their income level.

Company Recently bagged an order of 720 units of AC charging station from public sector undertaking Energy Efficiency Services Ltd under Ministry of Power, Government of India. This is the first largest tender issued by the Government of India for EV Charging Station.

As per Mr Satya Narayan Dalmia, MD of M/s SBD “E-mobility is strategically the most important and forward galloping vision and decision of Government of India. For this, Government is taking remarkable steps like, procurement of E-vehicles, replacement of existing government vehicles, creating infrastructure for E-vehicles. Holistic view towards this will obviously pave the way towards success of E-Mobility in India.

He further Said that the government initiative will contribute towards the development of the economy without compromising on environment. It will Reduce the Fuel consumption (Scarce Resource) and Fiscal deficit due to reduction in import. Moreover, it will also be preferred by car owners as the running cost of electric car is less than others and life span is certainly better.

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But for this, government will have to incentivize the Electronic Vehicles (EV) by reducing the cost of vehicle, provide sufficient charging infrastructure and in the long run, implement plans to use the EV charging. This charging must be with renewable energy instead of conventional energy, to be in line with the vision that encourages the maximum use of renewable energy source.

M/s SBD is launching aggressively new technologies and products in EV and Lighting segments which will synergise the best of Indian and Global requirements. SBD is also considering retailing of the product for expanding the reach of EVs. Several state government will have to take the lead forward for making it a success.

E-mobility an opportunity to embark upon for a better future. Acknowledging the shift would help in creating a new success story of e-mobility in India. E-mobility has arrived!

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