From The Editor’s Desk : Empowering The Poor And Giving Rural India A New Face

From The Editor’s Desk : Empowering The Poor And Giving Rural India A New Face

25 lakh deposit free new LPG (cooking gas) connections distributed to the households in rural India. Electricity routed to the most remote villages of the country. Schemes for replacing age-old conventional agricultural pumps with new age SIM enabled pumps and further enabling farmers to use these pumps from the comfort of their homes. Not to forget the drive to construct roads in villages and toilets for the rural women. With ground results so strong, one can simply not pass this off as a political gimmick for the polls.

These initiatives launched by various departments and ministries of the Modi led NDA regime to empower those living in rural India are examples of  this government’s strong belief that the road to Transform India passes through these villages that were probably forgotten for years together.

As journalists, critiqing the plans and programs of every ruling government has been our favourite and this government is no exception. However, notwithstanding the gaps and loopholes in the present regime , we must accept that there is more to appreciate than simply criticise with this one . The results they’ve delivered are not just hard but impossible to look past.

As one who has closely covered the energy sector for more than 20 long years and knows the inside out of Shram Shakti and Shastri Bhawan — the two high profile buildings that house the power and petroleum ministries respectively, I can say with authority that these were the two most corporate centric ministries till two years back until present government took charge.

Empowering The Poor


So what has changed? These same corridors are still a buzz but with activity of a different kind.

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Interestingly, most of the time being spent by the bureaucrats and officials these days is not on the plush green golf courses (I know I am drawing their wrath for saying so) but on public schemes and plans for the benefit of the common man.

Meeting top corporates and business czars that was a routine affair sometime back has also reduced considerably.

It would be overly naive of me to say that this government is not working with its political agenda in mind but it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone not work just for the vote bank but also for the genuine development of the people. When we have a Prime Minister, who works till midnight everyday conducting meetings, how can his ministers retire early.  They too join the PM in his drive to bring about a change—-a change in the mind sets, a change that will transform rural India, a change that will make India stand tall along with the developed world.

Social media is an important platform being used by almost every politician to highlight the day to day progress of his work—be it Piyush Goyal highlighting his work on village electrification to distribution of energy efficient LED bulbs or Dharmendra Pradhan talking on the progress of LPG connections being given out to the rural women.

A significant point to be noted here is that all these schemes are being personally monitored by the respective minister in charge and not just left to their lieutenants in the respective ministries and departments.

As we move close to the 70th Independence Day, these path-breaking reforms have indeed got the world talking. Undoubtedly, India is on the right path to emerge as the global super power in no time.

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