UP Elections 2017: Power minister Piyush Goel supports PM Modi’s allegation, says electricity distributed on basis of religion

UP Elections 2017: Power minister Piyush Goel supports PM Modi’s allegation, says electricity distributed on basis of religion

As the UP elections campaign reaches its last phase, Union Minister Piyush Goyal recently spoke to WION’s Kartikeya Sharma about BJP’s chances, PM Modi conducting a road show and the supposed disparity in power distribution in Uttar Pradesh along religious lines. Read the edited excerpts below:

Q: The campaign has been very tough for all parties in Uttar Pradesh but did the Prime Minister need to spend 3 days in his constituency (Varanasi)?

A: That speaks volumes about his connect with the people. Instructions had been given to all the senior leaders to support all the candidates in assembly. He himself said that he would go to every area in his constituency and it made a difference in each area.

Q: Did his campaign make a difference?

A: The fact is that he has been campaigning in every phase. It is part of an entire campaign as it is his constituency.

Q: This election turned very personal. Why did this happen?

A: There wasn’t anything from our side. But some politicians got too hassled and used some words. The PM kept his speeches to development.

Q: Though the first part of the campaign was focused on development but in the second part who focus shifted to shamshan and kabristan?

A: As far as BJP is concerned, we maintain that Uttar Pradesh has lost out several years in the development cycle. We need to restore the lost glory of the state. As far as other issues are concerned they are a composite whole.

Law and order is an issue in the state. It is a state which has lost control. Then corruption too is an issue. In this state development is also limited to couple of places where family prevails and even discrimination on the basis of caste and religion seems to have taken place here. We want to change all that. We want development for everyone.

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Q: Coming back to the issue of shamshan and kabristan, BJP did pursue the issue?

A: It is an absolute reality. There are figures to substantiate it. It shows that in the last 5 years, huge sum of government money was dedicated to graveyards. No one is denying the use of it but then it should be used for all the communities and should be based on certain population criteria. You cannot have a situation that you pamper one community for the vote bank and that’s something we want to change in Uttar Pradesh.Read More


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