Electric vehicles in India: It is time to step on the gas

Electric vehicles in India: It is time to step on the gas

Last week, at Niti Aayog’s global mobility summit, Move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi painted a shining vision of the future of mobility in the country. “We want to build India as a driver in electric vehicles,” Modi said, adding that “clean mobility powered by clean energy is our most important weapon in our fight against climate change.”

While the world braces for a mobility revolution, India is hardly in the driver’s seat when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs). Many had hoped that the PM would unveil a policy for electric mobility. What they got instead was the promise of one. “We will soon put in place a stable policy regime around electric and other alternative fuel vehicles,” Modi said. “Policies will be designed as a win-win for all and enable huge opportunities in the automotive sector.”

The auto industry and environmental groups have watched as the Indian leadership has tossed around loose statements over the past year about India’s EV goals. The lack of a clear strategy has made it difficult to distinguish ambition from policy-backed targets. Read More

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