Electricity And Elections In India

Electricity And Elections In India

Prime Minister Modi’s ‘if electricity is supplied during Ramzan, it should also be supplied during Diwali’ remark during the Fatehpur rally in Uttar Pradesh received considerable flak from all sections of society, for its communal undertones. While of course the PM’s remarks are surprising, but what is unfortunately most amusing is how long ‘providing electricity’ has been on the agenda of political parties – for State and General elections. For a country aspiring to be amongst other developed nations in the world, it is ironic that in so many years since independence, government after government has failed to keep up its promise of providing electricity.

Having grown up in a house where elections have always been closely followed and newspapers religiously read, I have during every State and General election heard contestants talk about providing electricity. Two decades later, it’s 2017 and parties are still promising the people of their constituencies the same. Not just local MLAs, but electricity is what even Chief Ministers and the Prime Minister of the country are making promises of in their campaign rallies and speeches. Read more

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