Electricity leakage bleeds KSEB dry in Ernakulam

Electricity leakage bleeds KSEB dry in Ernakulam

Though Ernakulam leads the state in revenue generation, electricity leakage due to power theft and misuse here have proved a major drain on the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB)’s finances. Thanks to the KSEB Anti-Power Theft Squad’s eagle eye, a high number of such cases have come to light in Kochi and Ernakulam district.

According to the KSEB data, 101 cases of electricity irregularities by consumers were detected in the first three months of the current financial year in Ernakulam alone. Total units thus lost are estimated to be 20, 01, 215 and the resulting financial loss to the KSEB put at `2.11 crore.

During the previous fiscal, there were 259 electricity-related irregularities in Ernakulam . Total units lost were assessed to be 35, 07, 640 and the ensuing loss to the KSEB  estimated to be `4,27 crore. Read More

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