End-Oct target for Bihar rooftop solar plan

End-Oct target for Bihar rooftop solar plan

The installation of solar power plants under the grid connected rooftop scheme will start from government buildings in Bihar. The selection of agency for this work has been done and the installation work is expected to start by the end of the current month.

The scheme entails setting up rooftop solar power energy source on buildings owned by individuals or organisations as well as government offices. A sum of Rs 75,000 for setting up the micro solar power plants generating 1KW of power at rooftops would be required out of which half of the cost would come as subsidy from the Centre and the state in case of individual households.

In case of institutions, government buildings and social organisations, subsidy would be 25 per cent of the cost whereas commercial or industrial units would not be entitled for any subsidy.

“We had received applications from different government offices for setting up these micro plants on their office rooftops. The total number of applications had a combined demand of 40MW of power through this route. Read  More

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