Firm proposes waste-to-power unit for Belagavi

Firm proposes waste-to-power unit for Belagavi

A Mumbai-based company having 20 years experience in solid waste management has shown interest in treating waste from Belagavi and generate power out of it.

Representatives of Variate Consultancy Pvt Ltd, which has a registered office in Pune, held a discussion with mayor Basavaraj Chikkaldinni and Belagavi (North) MLA Anil Benake here on Monday.

The company is engaged in installing waste to energy power plants, bio-mathanation plants, bio-mining, material sorting system and solar power plants. It is working with technical collaboration with Korean company POSH.

Representatives of the company gave a detailed presentation to the Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) authorities about the project. According to the company’s terms, if BCC gives it land and water, it will install a waste-to-energy power plant. BCC need not pay it maintenance cost as it the campany can manage by selling power to Hescom and other interested parties. Read More

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