Floating solar energy transforming India into a greener nation

Floating solar energy transforming India into a greener nation

With growing conversations around sustainable living and climate change, transition to renewable energy sources for power generation has the focus of considerable interest. Owing to the debilitating effects of fossil fuels and other conventional sources on the environment, solar energy has become the most viable and sought after alternative.

The demand for clean electricity, especially, generated using renewable energy sources is on the rise. Here again, solar energy has emerged as the clear frontrunner in these conversations and is rapidly proving itself to be the lifeblood of the future.

However, developing utility-scale solar power plants require a considerable amount of open space to be installed, which is not always available for the purpose. In fact, in India, with dense cities and limited agricultural area, availability of land has become a challenge for developing solar power plants.

This is where floating photovoltaic (PV) power plants come to our rescue and offer a viable option, as they are highly compact and can be installed on bodies of water, eliminating the need for large open spaces. Read more

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