Fuel rates up by Rs 2 across Telangana

Fuel rates up by Rs 2 across Telangana

The prices of petrol and diesel increased by Rs 2 on Monday, with a litre of petrol costing by 74.33 and diesel by 69.67 across Telangana state. Dealers attribute the price rise to the increase in barrel price.

According to reports, global crude oil rates gained strength after top oil producers decided to cut supply, following which the price of oil recovered from levels below $50 a barrel registered in December.

Seven days ago, petrol cost was by 72.33 and diesel by 67.47 in the city. In the span of a week, petrol jumped by by 1.96 and diesel by by 2.20.

The increase in fuel prices was reported across the country. In Delhi, a litre of petrol cost by 70.13, marking an increase of 38 paise. Diesel costs by 64.18 a litre.Read More

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