Good News! Madhya Pradesh Breaks This Massive Power Record It Had Set Earlier

Good News! Madhya Pradesh Breaks This Massive Power Record It Had Set Earlier

The energy sector in India has been challenging for the government as the demand for energy in the country has been rising rapidly. The demand for power in the state of Madhya Pradesh has moved by leaps and bounds and this has been, importantly, backed by enough energy production leading to breaking of the record on November 11. Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company managing director Sanjay Shukla told PTI, “Madhya Pradesh has surpassed its own record at 9 am on November 11, when power demand in the state peaked at 11,466 MW. Earlier in 2016, the state had recorded a demand of 11,421 MW on December 26.” Shukla further said that the power demand in the preceding two years has also been increasing steadily in the state. He added that the demand has increased during past one-and-a-half months due to scanty rainfall and has been trending above 11,000 Mw for the past six days.

Explaining the area-wise break up, Shukla said demand in the East Zone Power Distribution Company areas (Jabalpur, Rewa and Sagar) was at 2,871 MW, in the Central Region Power Distribution Company areas (Bhopal and Gwalior) it stood at 3,716 MW and in the areas under West Zone Power Distribution Company (Indore and Ujjain) was 4,878 MW. It must be noted that as per the power sector report of January 2017 (the latest available) released by the Ministry of Power, the peak power demand of Madhya Pradesh was pegged at 11,512 while its peak supply was noted to be 11,501 MW, showing a deficit of 11 MW in the power supply. Read more

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