UP govt defends power tariff hike

UP govt defends power tariff hike

Uttar Pradesh Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma on Tuesday defended his government’s decision to hike the power tariff for various consumer categories in the state. “Electricity rates have been increased by only 11.50 per cent. With this, the 4.50 per cent regulatory charge has ended. Therefore, there is an effective increase of only about 7.40 per cent,” Sharma told reporters here on Tuesday.

His statement came after the Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPERC) approved up to 12 per cent increase in power tariff for various consumer categories. Earlier yesterday, BSP chief Mayawati had strongly condemned the new electricity tariff hike and lambasted the BJP government for approving the hike in rates.

“It is a completely anti-people decision by the Uttar Pradesh BJP government to approve the hike in electricity rates. This will increase the burden of inflation on crores of people, especially the toiling masses of the state, and their lives will be more painful. It would be better if the government immediately reconsiders it,” Mayawati tweeted. Read More

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