The great EV policy confusion 2.0 begins

The great EV policy confusion 2.0 begins

A plan that gave automakers sleepless nights for weeks does not exist. On Tuesday, Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said the government had no plan to ban fossil fuel vehicles. Same day in Parliament, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari too signaled the ban wasn’t coming.

It surprised many of us who had read several media reports over the last few weeks on Niti Aayog’s plan to prohibit the sale of new fossil fuel vehicles as part of the government’s strategy to promote electric vehicle (EV). Enraged automakers met Niti Aayog officials, hoping to persuade them to drop the idea but returned more frustrated and used every media platform available to blast the ‘impractical’ idea.

And yet, the Oil Minister said there was no such official plan. The anxiety of automakers was just a result of some ‘miscommunication’, he said. You might wonder what really was happening? Read more

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