Haryana discom to catch power thieves on camera

Haryana discom to catch power thieves on camera

The state power discom has directed its officials to videograph electricity thefts in their jurisdiction without entering consumers’ homes.

As per the provisions of the Electricity Act 2003, discom officials are barred from inspecting, searching and making seizures in any residential premises after the sunset and before the sunrise. Taking advantage of this loophole, electricity is pilfered by hooking – direct tapping of the line – primarily after dusk, DHBVN officials said.

“The practice prevails on a large scale, particularly in villages,” an official said, adding that when officials try entering the defaulter’s premises, it results in a law and order situation and consumers also file false charges against them to shield their own wrongdoing.

To curb the menace, the superintendent engineer shot letters to all his counterparts in the operations divisions on Wednesday to take “necessary action” in this regard. Read More…

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