HEC Prepared To Build Machinery For Railway Repair

HEC Prepared To Build Machinery For Railway Repair

A team of Russian experts from Cascade Technologies (CT), St Petersburg , on Friday said all equipment for railway track repairs and maintenance for the Indian Railways will be manufactured at Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC) Limited in Ranchi.”Initially, we decided to manufacture 30% of the equipment needed for Indian Railways at HEC and the bulk 70% in Russia with a gradual increase in HEC’s share in the future. After inspecting HEC plants and viewing the corporation’s potential, we have decided to manufacture all equipment in HEC itself,” CT deputy general director Lukianov Egor Alekseevic said.On the sidelines of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2017) held in Russia on June 2, HEC had signed an MOU with CT, to create a joint venture to manufacture special purpose machines for rail track repair and maintenance.”We will set up a new plant to manufacture special equipment like a special vacuum machine to clean the railway tracks along with the gravel at HEC. The Ranchi plant will not only cater to the needs of Indian Railways but also Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries’ railways,” Alekseevic said.He added, “Cleaning up railway tracks and the gravel, manually, is time consuming.

Our vacuum machine is capable of cleaning upto 20km in an hour.”The deputy director general also said they are planning to set up an ‘After Sales’ service facility and a training school at HEC to train engineers in product design and development. This will ensure a complete facility which will cater not only to the Indian market but to all Asian markets as well.. .

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