Here’s how biodiesel is made from used cooking oil

Here’s how biodiesel is made from used cooking oil

Increasing environmental concerns and spike in air pollution has shifted the focus towards cleaner alternatives to conventional petrol and diesel. While electric mobility is fast gaining momentum, a wide-scale adoption of this technology will take some time.

For an urgent respite, the next ray of hope will be a transition to BS 6 emission norms to reduce the amount of pollution in the environment. But let’s not forget that petrol and diesel fuels are non-renewable and are likely to get exhausted over the next few decades. This necessitates that we take into consideration some lesser explored alternative fuels like biodiesel.

Bodiesel is a cleaner alternative to conventional diesel as it emits 50 per cent lower carbon monoxide and 30 per cent lower particulate matter. This eco-friendly fuel is obtained from renewable sources like palm oil, soya bean oil, used cooking oil, etc. Read More

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