High speed trains in India to speed at 320kph by 2023

High speed trains in India to speed at 320kph by 2023

The project for India’s first bullet train which is expected to run from Mumbai to Ahmadabad soon has begun. The the total time between these two places will be two hours seven minutes once started. As per the report by Nikkei Asian Review, the high speed trains is expected to have a speed of 320kph by 2023.

The project is expected to be completed between 2023 and 2024. The Japanese government is providing financial assistance for the project in the form of a loan upto 81% of the cost at a a nominal interest rate of 0.1% per annum. This loan has to be repaid in 50 years with a 15 year moratorium.

Last year, five other corridors were also identified by the Indian Railways which are: Delhi-Mumbai high speed corridor, Mumbai-Chennai high speed corridor, Delhi-Kolkata high speed corridor, Delhi-Nagpur high speed corridor and Mumbai-Nagpur high speed corridor.

In 2016, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited Japan, he along with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe had travelled to Kobe in Shinkansen to have a look at features of the high speed train.

One of the most important features of the superfast train is that for most of its journey, the train does make contact with the ground, but hovers few centimetres above as it’s run hrough the air with electrically-charged magnets on both side of the track. Just like in flights, its wheels go up when it gets good amount of speed. Read more

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