Himachal Pradesh electricity regulator announces hike in power tariffs

Himachal Pradesh electricity regulator announces hike in power tariffs

The Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Regulatory Commission has announced revised tariffs for domestic and commercial consumers. Though there has been an increase in the energy charge rates for domestic category of consumers, but the same has been kept same as last year after accounting for the subsidy provision made in the budget.

There is average increase of 1.5% in tariff for non-domestic and non-commercial power supply, 1.5% for industries, 2.5% for commercial and 3% for domestic water pumping supply. Thes state government has made a provision of Rs 475 crore in the financial budget for 2018-19 for providing rollback subsidy to electricity consumers of domestic and agriculture categories during the year. Therefore, there is no effective increase in energy charges for domestic category and they will continue to pay the same energy charges as earlier.

For agricultural consumers under the irrigation and drinking water pumping supply (IDWPS) category, the energy charges shall be Rs 0.75 per kilo watt hour (kWh) for consumer category up to 20 kW under single part tariff and Rs 0.75 per kVAh only for LT category under a two-part tariff. Read More

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