How ‘Pythons’ Are Helping Railways Deliver

How ‘Pythons’ Are Helping Railways Deliver

Snaking through the country, several ‘Pythons’ and ‘Anacondas’ are helping deliver a small revolution for the railways.

Looking to optimise existing infrastructure to boost freight operations as well as ease congestion on the tracks, the transporter is employing trains over 1.4 kilometres long with as many as 118 wagons.

North Central Railways’ ‘Python’, Western Railways’ ‘Anaconda’, Central Railways’ ‘Maruti’ and other long-haul trains are not only helping deliver goods quicker, but are also efficient and cost-effective, said officials.

Each of these trains is made up of two rakes (59 wagons in each), two brake vans and two to three locomotives, and travels nonstop to its destinations. Read More…

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