Hyderabad: Railway land easy to loot

Hyderabad: Railway land easy to loot

About 821.46 of the 4.78 lakh hectares of land belonging to the Indian Railways countrywide has been encroached upon by various parties. The encroached land is 0.17 per cent of the total land owned by the Indian Railways.

The biggest amount of railway land encroached upon is in the Northern Railways – 183.10 hectares. This is followed by the South Eastern Railways with 141.75 hectares of encroached land and then East Central Railways with 1.71 hectares of encroached land.

In the last three years, from 2016 to 2018, Railway officials have been able to retrieve about 58.01 hectares of Railway land. The ownership of all Railway land vests with the central government. Read More

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