Hydro power development in Northeast – an Enigma

Hydro power development in Northeast – an Enigma

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already announced the vision of achieving $ 5 trillion dollar Indian Economy by 2024. The NDA government has also promised piped water supply to every household in the country by 2024.

This is not an extraordinary target. It is doable provided, everyone cooperates. This includes the corporate and private sectors, including all our own Indian stakeholders. In January 2016, Guwahati was declared as a Smart City, the first in the northeast. Now, only time will tell us how much we have achieved in our declared targets.

To achieve the targets, one of the major critical infrastructure requirements would be power generation, along with other civic infrastructure development, especially hydropower in the northeast.

Hydropower potential in the northeast is yet to be properly explored and developed. The existing thermal and coal-based power projects are stranded due to lack of coal linkages and lack of adequate gas supplies. Read more

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