Ideal Mix of Thermal and RE is the Future for Power Generation – Power Minister Shri R.K. Singh

Ideal Mix of Thermal and RE is the Future for Power Generation – Power Minister Shri R.K. Singh

With the growth of economy and increase in per capita income, the power demand is also increasing at over 6% and will grow multi-folds in coming times. It is therefore, imperative that we increase use of renewable energy for the importance of Sustainability and Preservation of Environment, R.K. Singh, Union Minister of State (I/C) – Power and New & Renewable Energy, said, while speaking at the inauguration of NTPC’s conference on “Power Plant Flexibility: Paving way for Green Grid”.

Mr Ajay Kumar Bhalla, Secretary (Power); Mr Pankaj Batra, Chairman, CEA and Mr Gurdeep Singh, CMD, NTPC were also present on the occasion

“Our commitment is that 40% of total capacity will come from renewables and by 2030 we will be able to cross that,” the minister said while emphasising that Renewable and Thermal shall both be added to the Power Generation fuel mix and such forums are ideal to discuss the viability to bring about the Flexibility and integration of renewables in the power plant.

There is a need to strengthen the mining activities, for uninterrupted thermal power generation and boost the economy benefitting the lowest strata of the society. Mr Singh also launched the Web portal, which is an e-registration of Generating units across the country, which will act as a database of all operating power plants.

Ajay Kumar Bhalla, Secretary (Power) in his address spoke about the importance of flexibility policies of Govt. of India in coal linkages, getting the coal supply from nearest places and blending of coal with renewables. He further emphasised for large induction of renewables and increased storage investment and making the plants flexible”.

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Speaking on the occasion, Pankaj Batra, Chairman, CEA, said, “CEA is aggressively planning in optimal way to integrate RE. There is a huge amount of coal capacity, which is yet to be optimally used. CEA along with NTPC is working on studies on the subject for the success of integration of RE and optimal use of coal in power plants.”

Sharing his thoughts on the conference, Gurdeep Singh, CMD, NTPC said, “Flexibalization of power plant is the need of the hour and it is very important for all the power generators. We also have to reduce our carbon footprint and generate more from the renewables. Integration of renewables is important. We have limited resource of Hydro and coal based plants are now being redesigned or refurbished to meet the requirement and support for reliable and affordable power.”

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