IEF meet cements India’s pole position in global energy map

IEF meet cements India’s pole position in global energy map

India is hosting the 16th ministerial round of International Energy Forum, a grouping of 72 member countries accounting for almost 90% of global supply and demand for oil and gas, in yet another proof of New Delhi’s pole position in the world energy market.

The event will kick off in the national capital next week. This will be the second time in less than a month after the International Solar Alliance summit in March when policymakers and corporate leaders from around the world will congregate in India’s Capital for a platform for discussing future challenges and changes in the energy sector.

On the surface, ISA and IEF appear contradictory. But scratch and you will find they have a lot in common. ISA is about developing a global eco system for promoting solar power. This is as much about supplying affordable power to improve people’s lives as it is about mitigating climate change.

Similarly, IEF’s Delhi meet will also look for a balance in the oil and gas industry –ensuring affordability, stability and sustainability of supplies while moving towards a low-emission future. In spite of doomsayers and transformation of energy systems, the oil industry will remain a key contributor to achieving the UN sustainable development goals. Read More

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