IEX price hits 31-day high at Rs 4.38 per unit

IEX price hits 31-day high at Rs 4.38 per unit

Spurt in demand from Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha have increased average power prices at the Indian Energy Exchange to Rs 4.38 per unit for Saturday supplies — highest during the last 31 days. Saturday’s average price was 41% higher than the average price for Wednesday this week.

Highest price for Saturday settled for supplies between 9 pm and 10 pm touched Rs 8.83 per unit, 82% higher than the price for the same slot traded for Wednesday supplies. Demand for power was 14.61 million units, 49% higher than on Wednesday while total supply offer was 8.6 million units, 10.6% less during the corresponding period last Wednesday. Increased demand as well as reduced supply offers widened the gap to 6 million units which was marginal on Wednesday.

Total power demand for Saturday at the IEX was 255.49 million units, 9.82 million units higher than supplies which totalled 265.31 million units for the day. Read More

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