Illegal sale of LPG cylinders goes unchecked

Illegal sale of LPG cylinders goes unchecked

With barely any check by authorities concerned, the sale of illegal LPG cylinders continues unabated in the city. Showing a scant regard for norms and safety of the city residents, black marketeers can be easily spotted transferring gas from large cylinders (bought from gas agencies) to small cylinders and selling them at exorbitant prices in full public view.

The illegal practice of using LPG for commercial purposes by shopkeepers has been continuing for the past few months as authorities concerned seem to have turned a blind eye to the practice.

Shopkeepers have been selling small cylinders of 8 kg, 4 kg and 2 kg with gas transferred from large cylinder bought from gas agencies. LPG cylinders were being filled/sold openly near Multania overbridge, Hazi Ratan Chowk and Guru Nanak Pura near grain market area in the city. Read More

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