How important is nuclear power in India’s energy transition?

How important is nuclear power in India’s energy transition?

The global energy system is undergoing a rapid transition driven by emergence of new technologies, entrepreneurial spirit of next generation business leaders, reorientation of policymakers and shift in consumer mindset. Ever rising concerns for the ecosystem intensifies new-found love for sustainable energy.

The Paris climate change agreement triggers strategic actions for voluntary reduction of existing greenhouse gas emissions in a time bound manner. Understandably, an unprecedented force being applied for faster adoption of sustainable energy. It is visible that drivers, endogenous and exogenous to energy system, are knocking the boundaries beyond conventional energy sources.

The global leaders especially in the developing and least developed countries are facing challenges to improve energy access to modern energy at affordable price in a sustainable and responsible manner without sacrificing economic growth and social development.

Emerging economies like China and India have suddenly thrown their weight behind ‘fight against’ global warming and climate change. Nuclear energy once a very popular alternative source for developed countries such as US, France, Russia, Republic of Korea, Germany, and Japan is being squeezed. Read More

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