Inadequate Traction Power Slowing Down Metro

Inadequate Traction Power Slowing Down Metro

Metro Railway, which has been unfailingly operating with a clockwork precision for 33 years while the rest of the city stumbled at traffic snarls, has in the past fortnight struggled to maintain its schedule.

Since July 25, trains are running slow across a 4-km stretch, leading to longer journey-time. This has thrown its schedule out of gear and forced the departure of the day’s last service to be pushed back by a whopping 20 minutes.

Following the growing disquiet and rumble among passengers, Metro authorities on Monday acknowledged there was a problem and said inadequate traction power was forcing its trains to run slow between Park Street and Jatin Das Park stations, leading to delays. Metro used to draw 8,000-10,000 units of power from the substation that is now out of action. Read more


Credit By :- The Times of India

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