India bridging the Gulf with oil diplomacy

India bridging the Gulf with oil diplomacy

For the first time since the global oil shock of 1973, India’s faltering steps towards energy security have given way to a holistic oil diplomacy that lays stress on personal chemistry, combining it with trade-offs and a strategic vision. At the centre of such diplomacy is Abu Dhabi, which has graduated in the past four years from a buyer-seller relationship in oil with India into an important guarantor of this country’s energy security.

Here is a poser. Which minister of any foreign country has visited New Delhi the most number of times in the past year? The natural temptation is to name a minister from Bangladesh, Bhutan or Mauritius, nations with which India’s engagement goes beyond foreign affairs and spills over into development support or cultural synthesis. Some people may name Myanmar or Afghanistan because of layers of bilateral security overlaps.

The correct answer is Sultan bin Ahmad Al Jaber, a member of the UAE Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is also the ruler of Dubai.  Read More

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