India ‘Dream’ Plan To Cut Freight Times To 14 Hours From 14 Days

India ‘Dream’ Plan To Cut Freight Times To 14 Hours From 14 Days

A $7.1 billion rail corridor in Rajasthan that’s set to cut freight times between India’s capital New Delhi and the business hub of Mumbai to 14 hours from 14 days is finally showing signs of progress.

About 800km away in Gujarat, a 920-square-km industrial area is taking shape near the village of Dholera, with hundreds of workers fusing concrete sections of a sewerage system on a recent visit. Summing up the massive project’s ambition, a sign for a yet-to-be-built housing development reads: “Dream City.”

Plagued by delays, red tape and disputes over land acquisition, for years it seemed the $100 billion Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) would remain just that—a dream. First proposed more than a decade ago, the sprawling assortment of smart cities and industrial parks on both sides of the freight railway could cut logistics charges that amount to roughly 14% of total costs by bypassing the country’s infamously chaotic major cities. Read More…

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