India mining for ‘next-gen’ fuel on the Moon

India mining for ‘next-gen’ fuel on the Moon

According to media reports, an ISRO professor said that all of Indias energy need will soon be satiated by the moon. India will have to mine Helium 3 from the moon first though. The lunar dust which is rich in Helium 3, will prove to be a better alternate source of fuel and all of the mining will be made possible by 2030, said Sivanthano Pillai.

India is currently underway on researching ways to dig those elements.

Various other nations too are conducting different researches on how to get the Helium-3 from the moon. Sivanthanu Pillai also stated that there is sufficient Helium 3 on the moon to provide the whole of the world with energy and ISRO has made digging of Helium 3 a top priority project.

As Helium 3 is an isotope, it provides a safer and more stable alternate to create nuclear energy, as it is believed to be non-radioactive, the verdict is that it will be a less volatile substance and not react violently. Helium-3 also wont have any harmful by-products unlike the current nuclear energy we are using. Read More…

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