India Needs To Increase Number Of Green Buildings

India Needs To Increase Number Of Green Buildings

India has less than 2 per cent green buildings but there is a huge opportunity to increase that number as about 60 per cent of the infrastructure of the country is yet to be put in place in the next 20 years, chief of the green rating system GRIHA said.

On utility of green buildings in cities like Delhi, which is battling alarming pollution levels, Sanjay Seth, Chief Executive Officer of the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) Council, said green buildings can help in reducing exposure of people to outside pollutants.

“Green buildings are much more healthy entities in terms of designing but the air that is going to come inside would be something that is present outside but to a certain extent you could minimise or reduce the damage through a green building. A green building can reduce the interference from outside pollutants,” he told PTI. Read more

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