India needs a national aluminium policy – Here is why

India needs a national aluminium policy – Here is why

Aluminium is the second most used metal in the world after steel, with an annual consumption of 88 million tonnes, including scrap. It is also the fastest-growing metal, growing by nearly 20 times in the last 60 years (compared to 6-7 times for other metals).

Its light weight, recyclability, conductivity, non-corrosiveness and durability have helped establish it as a metal of choice for defence, infrastructure and other strategic sectors.

In India, aluminium consumption is pegged at 2.5 kg per capita. To reach the global average of 11 kg per capita, India must up annual consumption by 16 million tonnes, becoming the second largest consumer in the world in absolute terms.

Even at its low consumption, aluminium contributes 2% of manufacturing GDP (steel 12%, cement 9%) and provides nearly 800,000 jobs. Read More

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