India, Norway experts discuss next steps in renewable energy cooperation

India, Norway experts discuss next steps in renewable energy cooperation

Experts from India and Norway recently took part in a workshop organised jointly by Innovation Norway, The Norwegian Embassy, The Research Council of Norway, Institute of Technology Delhi and the Department of Science of Technology which focused on cooperation between India and Norway in the energy sector.

The participants were representatives from leading companies and educational and research institutions. Primarily the workshop functioned as a match-making and networking conference. The various parties have had a unique opportunity to exchange experiences, technology and solutions that can be utilised for future co-operations.

The Indian government has set ambitious goals in the field of renewable energy, especially within solar. The plan is to reach 100 GW capacity by 2020. With this in mind, the timing and relevance of this week should not be underestimated.

During the matchmaking workshop for R and I industrial projects for the joint call, close to 80 participants from Norway and India have had a comprehensive and prosperous programme on the topic of renewable energy. The representatives discussed a wide range of topics including energy storage, grid integration, wind power, solar power, smart infrastructure based on artificial intelligence, hydro energy and off-grid solutions — all highly relevant topics in the Indian energy sector.

“Our technologies does not exclude each other. I am impressed by the work that has been done India. I think that our products compliments the existing ones and creates a basis for creating even better solutions. The goal must be to use existing resources in a best possible manner and minimize the need for investments going forward,” said Jorgen Kildahl, representing Smart Energy Systems.

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Amongst the delegation were representatives from companies such as Statkraft, Eltek, WindSim and Daman. Individual meetings with potential partners were also scheduled. The delegations were put in different groups according to their field of expertise and met with leading Indian companies such as Amplus Solar, Airtel and Tata Consulting.

In one of the plenum sessions, Ole Jakob Sordalen from Eltek elaborated on the different use of energy storage and the solutions Eltek provide. This is technology that is highly relevant for an Indian market that has high capacity (and even higher goals) for Solar Power. Read More…

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