India sets world record in nuclear plant operation

India sets world record in nuclear plant operation

Another world record by Indian scientists and engineers; the indigenously designed Kaiga-I nuclear power unit has run non-stop for over 940 days; Prime Minister Narendra Modi Congratulates all those associated with India’s nuclear energy programme; says the nation is proud of them.

The indigenously developed Kaiga Atomic Power Station has set a new world record, with one of its units operating uninterrupted for more than 940 days. This is a record for all kinds of nuclear power-generating units, including advanced gas-based reactors in the world.

The record was earlier held by Unit 2 of Heysham of the United Kingdom, which operated non-stop for 940 days. The same unit had set a world record in October this year, by operating uninterrupted for 894 days among Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors. Read More

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