Indian Oil Eyes $1.5 Billion Savings With Own Plant Technology

Indian Oil Eyes $1.5 Billion Savings With Own Plant Technology

The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has developed refining processes that may help it save at least $1.5 billion in costs as well as challenge global giants in the technology-leasing business. The state-run company, which controls nearly half of the country’s refineries, has created its own processes using catalysts and hydro-cracking to convert crude oil into fuels such as gasoline, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas, according to the company’s head of research & development. That means it won’t have to license technology anymore from the likes of major manufacturing companies such as Honeywell International.

“We were at the mercy of a few multinational suppliers,” SSV Ramakumar, director of research and development at Indian Oil, known as IOC, said in an interview in Faridabad. “Now we have become a technology developer and going forward, we will become a technology provider.”

Building refining technologies squares with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign to turn the country into a global manufacturing hub. It may also allow the refiner to have more control over its plants and enable it to adapt quicker to changes in domestic fuel demand, which is growing at the fastest pace in the world.

IOC can now supply more than 75 per cent of the technology needed for its plants, Ramakumar said.

The licensing fees it typically pays out to refining-technology providers is about 5 percent of the project cost, he said. That means savings of about $1.5 billion on the estimated $40 billion mega-refinery it’s planning with some other state processors on the country’s west coast, according to Bloomberg calculations. Read More

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