Indian Oil: Oil is not enough

Indian Oil: Oil is not enough

What is the future of fossil fuels in India? Many experts believe that by 2030, electric mobility will become a way of life, resulting in reduced demand for gasoline and diesel.

Let us look at mobility from the customer’s point of view. They want it to be economical and reliable. When we started driving two-wheelers, they were all two-stroke engines, giving a mileage of 35-40 km per litre; 40 km per litre was a dream. Today, the fuel economy has changed the game.

Cars are extremely reliable. If you look at electric vehicles (EVs), technically they are extremely advanced. But there are issues, too. Let us look beyond emissions… look at the complete lifecycle—how are we generating electricity, manufacturing batteries, and how frequently are batteries being replaced and disposed of. EVs provide a wonderful alternative but how aggressively they come to India depends on each and every aspect that I mentioned. Infrastructure is also an issue for them. Our internal and global assessments indicate that internal combustion engine (ICE) cars will remain the major option for transportation at least for a few decades. Read More

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