Indian Pipe Suppliers outclass foreign bidders to siege Rs. 305 crore Line Pipe award

Indian Pipe Suppliers outclass foreign bidders to siege Rs. 305 crore Line Pipe award

Taking another key step in ensuring energy security for the Gorakhpur, Barauni and Sindri Fertilizer Plants under revival enroute Phulpur – Haldia Natural Gas Pipeline, GAIL (India) Limited has placed orders for purchase of 315 km of Line Pipes for Auraiya – Phulpur Pipeline on two Indian Companies – Jindal Saw & Essar Steel at a total cost of Rs. 305 crore.

Auraiya – Phulpur Pipeline is one of the main feeder lines for the “Energy Highway (Urja Ganga)” of Eastern India.

GAIL said it has already placed orders earlier for Line Pipes of Phulpur – Dobhi (Gaya) Section of the Project at a cost of Rs. 550 crore and awarded Laying Work Contracts for the Dobhi – Patna / Barauni sections at a cost of Rs. 216 crore.

CMD, GAIL B C Tripathi sated that the above actions are being taken to ensure timely revival of fertilizer plants as envisaged by Government of India.

Laying Works in Dobhi – Patna / Barauni section have already commenced in Sep’15. Further, Bids received for Laying Works of Phulpur – Dobhi section with Spurline to Varanasi are presently under evaluation.

Tenders for Laying Works of Auraiya – Phulpur Pipeline and for procurement of Line Pipes of Gorakhpur Spurline have already been floated. GAIL is planning to start the construction works in these sections from Oct’16.

The 315 Km Auraiya – Phulpur Pipeline, 341 Km Phulpur – Dobhi (Gaya) Section and 414 Km Spurlines to Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Patna & Barauni will be completed by Dec’18 at a cost of Rs. 4600 crore. Phase-II (1201 Km) & Phase-III (583 Km) of the Phulpur – Haldia Pipeline Project are targeted to be completed by Dec’19 and Dec’20 at an estimated investment of Rs. 5565 crore & Rs. 3425 crore respectively.

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GAIL presently is taking up farmer engagement & public awareness campaign activities in these sections in order to create a congenial working environment for project execution prior to start of construction.

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