Indian Rail Needs Revamp; But So Do Indians

Indian Rail Needs Revamp; But So Do Indians

“You don’t try to get into the train. The crowd will do it for you. All you have to do is just let the crowd take you. And remember, don’t push and don’t resist a push from behind!”

Being a ‘Dilliwalah’ for most of my working life, my acquaintance with Mumbai and its transport lifeline of suburban rail system, or the ‘local’ as the locals call it, has only been what can be described as nodding. So, when my ‘Mumbaikar’ friend briefed me on how to board the ‘local’, I knew I better follow his advice. And yes, it was a grand success! Although the crowd was overwhelming, I found myself inside the train in a matter of seconds without any damage whatsoever.

Every Mumbaikar knows this trick. Had it not been so, the city would come to a standstill on a daily basis. Close to 2,400 trains move as many as 8mn commuters in mind-numbing frenzy every day. But in the process some of them do get caught on the wrong foot, as it were, and pay with their lives. Read More…

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