Indian Railways adopts tech to improve operation

Indian Railways adopts tech to improve operation

Indian Railways is a mammoth organisation having nearly 10 lakh employees. It is used by million of passengers every day. To handle this chaotic network, the railways has adopted IT technology to improve its operation and give passengers a better experience.

A few initiatives like implementation of GPS technology on rail coaches, hand-held devices for ticket examiners, paperless unreserved ticketing through mobile phones, to name a few, have been employed, helping passengers in many ways.

According to reports, GPS devices are being used on trains to track them. Speaking to ‘News Today,’ Southern Railway Chief Commercial Manager J Vinayan said, “All future locomotives will be tracked by GPS soon. The technology is being tried right now.”

According to a statement released by Southern Railway, hand-held terminals (HHTs) are being provided to train ticket examiners to check the reserved coaches and allot vacant berths. They will also transmit information on available berths to subsequent stations. Read More

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