‘The Indian Railways Is A Classic Case Of Crony Socialism’

‘The Indian Railways Is A Classic Case Of Crony Socialism’

Changing ministers won’t prevent Elphinstone-like tragedies in the future. Bold and far-reaching structural reforms will.

There are so many sacred cows in India. But the holiest of them all is the great, lumbering, blundering Indian Railways. If one sacked a Railway Minister after each train or railway infrastructural accident, one would probably need a dozen new ministers every year. Watching the horrific scenes of the railway bridge stampede in Mumbai’s Elphinstone Station, we have to hang our collective head in shame.

The public sector business model evolved under Jawaharlal Nehru is readily derided by many in the current administration. But for all their aggressive rhetoric, they are not ready to usher in reforms and privatise the Indian Railways, the very symbol of the State mired in business.  Read More…

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