Indian railways ensures safe and hassle free travel

Indian railways ensures safe and hassle free travel

Safety and hassle free travel became the top priorities of the Indian Railways under the PM Modi government. After a string of accidents and heavy casualties since 2014, the year 2017-18 saw the number of accidents falling to 73 – the least ever.

There was a 62% reduction in consequential train accidents from 118 in 2013-14 to 73 in 2017-18. Also the replacement and maintenance of old tracks – even if at the cost of efficient mobility – has taken a front seat. There was a 50% increase in track renewal from 2,926 kms in 2013-14 to 4,405 kms in 2017-18.

Also, the Railways reduced the running time of 14 premier trains, including the Rajdhani Expresses from the national capital to Howrah and the Patna and Delhi-Amritsar Shatabdi with a upgradation of signalling system on congested routes.

In October 2016, a total of 350 Mails/Expresses and 74 Superfast trains, including Rajdhanis and Shatabdis, were reaching destinations 5-25 minutes before time because of removal of bottlenecks and rationalisation of timetable. Read More

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