Indian Railways to use ‘green’ composite sleepers

Indian Railways to use ‘green’ composite sleepers

Aiming to become more eco-friendly, Indian Railways has decided replace wooden sleepers with composite sleepers that are not only lighter but also stronger. “The Railways has decided to use the composite sleepers in a limited way. It is being used mainly on girder bridges,” a senior Railway

Ministry official told IANS, Composite sleepers were first used by the Railways in the Muradabad division in 2003. They have an edge compared with the strength of wooden and channel sleepers. The official said that no complaint has been received till date about the use of these sleepers, which were

deployed on a bigger scale from 2016 in over 10 zones. The official also pointed out that composite sleepers, comprising a mixture of steel and fibre plastic, costs more as compared to the other sleepers. “The cost of a composite sleeper is about Rs 25,000, whereas a channel sleeper costs about Rs Read More

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