Indian Railways Will Now Compensate You For Undelivered Food

Indian Railways Will Now Compensate You For Undelivered Food

Long-distance train journeys can be quite taxing, especially when it comes to food. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) had initiated e-catering services where one could order food from affiliated restaurants in advance, which would then be delivered to on a specific stop of the train.

The time of order would be coordinated with the details of the train and enable on-time delivery. While this was a great initiative, to begin with, problems started cropping up. Traffic, for instance, would cause delay and since time, tides and trains wait for no one, the ordered food wouldn’t reach the passengers.

To tackle such situations where passengers are left without their ordered meal, IRCTC has now begun to offer compensation.

An official from IRCTC told the TOI, “We have begun offering a discount coupon of ₹100 as compensation from July 2017. The Railways realised that a mere note of regret [or] apology is not enough. There has to be some cost on the caterers for causing inconvenience to passengers.” Read More…

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