Indian Solar Industry Sluggish Amid General Elections

Indian Solar Industry Sluggish Amid General Elections

The 2019 general elections are currently underway in India. In recent months, with the country gearing up for one of the biggest democratic exercises, the solar tender and auction activity appears to have slowed down. Since the announcement of election dates, the central and state implementing agencies have issued just a few tenders.

The election commission’s approval is required for all the new projects. Consequently, the stakeholders in the renewable energy sector, especially solar, seem to have mixed feelings regarding the ongoing impact of the general elections.

When contacted, a National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) spokesperson commented on the ongoing situation saying, “There won’t be any such effect of the elections on the sector.

There have been no new policy or target announcements, and moreover, the agencies that are active in the solar sector are not getting affected or involved in the elections.” Read More

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