India’s Keen Interest In Bangladesh Nuclear Plant Near Its Border

India’s Keen Interest In Bangladesh Nuclear Plant Near Its Border

Less than two hours’ from the eastern edge of West Bengal, across the international border, frenzied activity is underway to build a hi-tech nuclear power plant in Bangladesh’s Rooppur. Though India won’t get a share of the power that will be produced here, New Delhi does have an interest in seeing the facility come to life.

For years, India has been pushing the frontier to try and make a mark in the global nuclear commerce that is worth multi-billion dollars but it has not had a lot of success since it is not a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group or NSG. But now, a new three party agreement between Russia, Bangladesh and India has opened the gates for India to make in-roads in this lucrative sector.

The Rooppur power plant, which will be Bangladesh’s first step to harness nuclear energy, will have 1,200 MW atomic reactors that Dhaka is buying from Russia. The technology is quite similar to the atomic reactors India has made at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu and so India and Bangladesh are working together on the project including the training of engineers. If all goes well, Indian companies will also supply equipment and help in its construction. Bangladesh hopes to complete the first atomic power reactor by 2023. Read More

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