IOC developing batteries from indigenous metals

IOC developing batteries from indigenous metals

State-run Indian Oil Corp (IOC) is developing batteries based on indigenous metals to forestall dependence on lithium imports once electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy projects take off in a big way. IOC chairman Sanjay Singh told ET that the metal-air batteries will produce energy by oxidising metals such as iron, zinc and aluminium.

These batteries cannot be recharged but motorists can replace plates to power them almost instantly, making it much more convenient for users and eliminating the need for charging infrastructure, he said. “A customer is not concerned how we make petrol if he can buy it wherever he wants.

Similarly, if he goes to a station and we replace the metal plates, he is not bothered because the whole thing happens within three minutes,” Singh said. The metal-air batteries have other advantages.

“These batteries have high energy density. So,if a normal lithium-ion battery can travel the vehicle up to 300 km, these can take it to 500 km,” said Singh.Read More

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