Japan Commission Supports Nuclear Power Despite Fukushima

Japan Commission Supports Nuclear Power Despite Fukushima

Japan’s nuclear-policy-setting Atomic Energy Commission issued a report today calling for nuclear energy to remain a key component of the country’s energy mix despite broad public support for a less nuclear-reliant society.

The report approved by the commission calls for nuclear energy to make up at least 20 percent of Japan’s supply in 2030, citing the government energy plan. It says rising utility costs from expensive fossil fuel imports and slow reactor restarts have affected Japan’s economy.

The resumption of the nuclear policy report is a sign Japan’s accelerating effort to restart more reactors.

“The government should make clear the long-term benefit of nuclear power generation and consider measures that need to be taken,” it said.

Japan shut down all its nuclear reactors but has restarted five of them. They now produce 1 percent of Japan’s power. Read More…

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