Kalka Railway Station To Get New Museum

Kalka Railway Station To Get New Museum

Do you know which track is known as the Greatest Narrow-Gauge Engineering Marvel in India? It is the 99-kilometer-long Shimla-Kalka railway line. Built in 1903 under the British, the train chugs along acres of lush greenery, over multiple bridges and through 100 tunnels over this track.

In 2008, UNESCO added the Kalka–Shimla railway to the mountain railways of India World Heritage Site celebrating the cultural legacy of the country. Due to the popularity and the ever-accelerating footfall of curious tourists, the authorities at the Kalka railway station have decided to erect a small museum on site.

A British-era parcel cabin box counter situated at the station has been selected. This will store and exhibit antique items such as the uniform worn by the railway employees during the British era Read More

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