Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan top list in providing uninterrupted power: Urja app

Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan top list in providing uninterrupted power: Urja app

People in Himatnagar area in Gujarat get the most uninterrupted power supply in the country, while residents of Mankachar in Assam grapple with an average 188 instances of power cuts a month.

According to Urban Jyoti Abhiyaan or Urja, the power ministry’s application tracking service delivery to consumers in towns across the country, Kerala, Maharashtra and Rajasthan top the list in supplying uninterrupted power, while Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Assam have a lot to catch up.

The Urja application meant to bring transparency in the performance of utilities and states captures the stark contrast in how consumers are served in different parts of the country.

Andhra Pradesh has reported the least amount of power theft, while it is the highest in Uttar Pradesh. There were no pending requests for power connection in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Sikkim and Tripura in March 2017, while 84% of requests were pending in Goa in the same month.

Utility performance varies across states as power distribution is often influenced by political considerations that prevent tough reform measures relating to pricing and power theft which in turn affect utilities’ ability to invest further in technology to boost efficiency and service quality.

Union power minister Piyush Goyal is set to launch a related application ‘Urja Mitra’ on Tuesday allowing utilities to inform consumers about power outages. A rural feeder monitoring scheme, also to be launched on Tuesday, will track the quality of power supply in rural areas. Read More…


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